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Breaking News +++ Hjoerdis Leaves Luxair Cargo
This announcement issued today by Luxair Group’s President and CEO Adrien Ney undoubtedly caught everybody in the cargo industry by surprise: “Hjoerdis Stahl, Executive Vice-President Luxair Cargo, has decided to give a new orientation to her career. It is with regret that we announce that she will leave us on July 1st, 2013,” reads the manager’s public note. Due to her career change the cargo industry is losing one of its most energetic and experienced female executives. Beginning in summer, she will head the classical letter mail segment at state-owned postal service P&T Luxembourg, replacing the current incumbent Paul Peckels.
In a separate official statement P&T welcomes the 47-year-old graduate of the U.S. University of Georgetown joining the postal service: “P & T Luxembourg is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Hjoerdis Stahl at the top of its postal activities and as a member of the Management Board.”

Hjoerdis learned her basics in air freight at Lufthansa Cargo where – among other duties – she was responsible for time definite products and handling activities. In 2008 she joined the Luxair Group to run the Luxair Cargo Center at Findel airport. Facing the economic and financial crisis, which since 2008 has seriously affected Luxair Cargo’s activities, she managed to stabilize the Cargo Center’s activities and limit the financial consequences of the decline in volume handled, applauds Ney in his note. Above all she and her team succeeded in streamlining the handling processes and in raising the productivity of the cargo facility despite the adverse economic circumstances.

Besides her direct duties, Hjoerdis Stahl provided precious support within the Executive Committee, always upholding the interest of the Luxair Group, acknowledges CEO Ney.

His announcement ends by saying that “on behalf of the personnel of the Luxair Group, I would like to thank Hjoerdis Stahl for her dedication and commitment to our company and wish her the same success in her new duties.” Ney will take over the responsibility of the Cargo Center on a temporary basis and be supported by Jean-Claude Kowalsky, who will be in charge of customer service and cargo sales matters, and Laurent Erhard, who will be in charge of all operational issues. Jean-Claude Kowalsky and Laurent Erhard will report to Ney directly.
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