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Munich Sets Foot in the Brazilian Market
Munich Airport (FMG) and the Brazilian airport operating company Aeroportos Brasil Viracopos (ABV) have entered into an agreement under which FMG will provide ABV with extensive consulting services. Under the agreement, FMG will not only guide the launch of the new terminal building and aprons at Campinas Airport in the state of São Paulo, but will also provide planning support for the expansion of that airport. The agreement reached with Viracopos (code: VCP) is worth approximately €7 million euros, and is meant to run initially through to the end of 2014. This project represents Munich Airport Company’s first entry into Brazil, a fast growing market with a strong potential for future business opportunities for FMG.  

ABV manages Campinas International Airport, which is about 100 km north of Sao Paulo. It is one of two major international airports in the Sao Paulo metropolitan region and is also Brazil's by far largest cargo airport. Munich Airport will be involved in the activities of Campinas Airport in the areas of flight operations, management tasks, safety and quality assurance.

“Our experts will be posted to Brazil to provide support in optimizing the expansion plans, airline marketing and traffic development,” illustrated MUC’s Chief Financial Officer Thomas Weyer after signing the contract. He goes on to say: “We will also contribute our expertise in IT systems and the coordination of ramp operations as well as the ongoing development of a master plan.”

Viracopos became one of Latin America’s hot spots for air freight as a result of Brazil’s unprecedented economic growth in recent times and the notoriously congested Guarulhos International at Sao Paulo that concentrates on managing passenger air traffic. VCP is accessible through the national motorway system and offers cargo clients 81,000 sqm encompassing warehouse space for handling and storing shipments.

According to the airport operator, within the next three years €207 million euros will be invested for enlarging and modernizing the cargo facilities and enhancing the ground infrastructure.
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