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Quote of the Week - Security is the Disaster’s First Cause
Today’s global economic processes are highly focused on the uninterrupted and fast flow of goods. However, the need to move products can rapidly create openings for potential threats. The chances of any threat to be carried out can be eliminated, or at least greatly reduced, when the supply chain is secured from start to finish.

It all comes down to practical solutions. Both the officially required security measures and the everyday processes for the flow of goods must be considered. A sustainable security plan must combine three elements: the targeted use of technology, the adequate training of personnel, and the operational workflow. Only in case these three elements are treated as being equally important the entire system will work effectively (see footnote).
X-ray is a commonly used security screening technology, particularly for air freight, but it is often overestimated like some sort of panacea. Although a versatile tool, it is of little or no use when it comes to inspecting packages that are very large or contain high density materials. Generators and large machines are common examples of goods that cannot be penetrated by x-rays.

A practical alternative that is increasingly used for securing air freight shipments is explosives trace detection equipment, also known as ‘sniffers’.

These systems are highly portable, deliver clear results almost immediately, and - depending on the manufacturer - do not require a complex radiation protection organization.

Some cargo handlers have also experimented with explosive detection dogs, but these are expensive to train and have limited operational capability.

Personnel and procedures are the other components of security planning. Effective security is only possible in the long run when the processes and responsibilities are clearly defined.

A well-trained and motivated staff is crucial for success.

Ultimately, only a rehearsed combination of people and technology combined in a multi-stage security concept meets the requirements of a secure supply chain.
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